Fulfilment and Shipping

Product is stored in accordance with defined slotting rules; which, directs movement based upon unit of measure (each, master carton, pallet), velocity, material type (raw material, finished goods) and demand.  The material selection rules follow FIFO logic.
Picking activities are driven by the warehouse management system.  Broken case/each picks are processed using either pick-to-light or radio frequency devices, depending on slotting (A, B, C).  Serialized data is collected at the point of pick and is instantly verified by the warehouse management.
Ingram Micro’s system supports customer-specific labels (for both pick and ship) and predetermined box sizes for efficient pick processing.  We can support several pick process types, including cluster and each picks.  
We support both parcel and LTL shipments. Ingram Micro can use and integrate data with any of the major transport providers.  
Customized packing slips and any required special stickers or labelling are automatically generated by the system when the shipping container is scanned.
At ship completion, Ship Advices with serial numbers can be sent at master carton, pallet orders and shipment level to facilitate the customer’s receipt process.

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