Reverse Logistic

Ingram Micro’s ability to customize processing steps for specific SKUs or return types provides partners with the greatest amount of flexibility. This ability allows Ingram Micro to capture important data attributes about the return and to divert damaged or obsolete product to a scrap disposition for salvage sales. Our Reverse Logistics solution allows end-to-end Reverse Logistics management.  

  • Processing returns from all channels
  • End Users
  • Agents
  • Stores
  • National Retailers
  • Dekitting & component reclamation
  • Charger and battery testing
  • Serialized tracking
  • Detailed returns reporting
  • In depth device testing and reporting
  • Process refusals back to stock
  • End of Life processing rules for old or damaged product
  • Recycling EOL and scrap product with certified recyclers

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